Hello. I'm Rica. I'm a kid at heart. And a pack rat. I like taking photographs. And reading books. And discovering all sorts of interesting music. And eating. And collecting things that hold "sentimental value." My room is littered with scribbled down quotes and doodles and random facts and old photos and ticket stubs and postcards and CDs and museum maps and journals that I never seem to completely fill up. This is my online junk drawer. Please excuse the mess.
Install Theme
I sometimes get frustrated with studio executives - and indeed critics - who will watch a film in a very linear way and make notes as they go, because that’s not how movies work. You get to the end - the audience gets to the end - and then you take about five minutes to decide ‘OK, what was all that?’ and your brain really looks at everything in a different way and then you decide. And that’s why endings are so important and that’s why you really have to get to the end of a movie before you know what it is.

— Christopher Nolan